Aims and Offer

'Studying at the YMCA had a hugely influential role in my development as a worker, my growth as an individual and my wider professional prepared me with the skills I needed to manage staff and develop new projects in an ever-changing and complex environment'   Peta Garbett - Barnardo's Inverness


We are looking to enable, inspire and train leaders to :

  • Inhabit a principle-centred leadership approach where values and ethics are central to decision making.
  • Develop their role as *linchpins  in their organisations – whatever their position in the organisation, they believe that they can ‘lead’.
  • Lead change and facilitate its effects – with core skills, self-knowledge, assertion and sensitivity.
  • Act as internal consultants to work ‘alongside’ others, rather than ‘over’ or ‘under’ them – recognising their ‘insider’ advantage and using their skills and position honestly and skilfully.


‘Learning at the college gave me the opportunity for professional development as well as academic success. There is an expectation to say what you think, to share your experiences and to consider issues from a different point of view - this encourages you to be clearer, more considered and informed - attributes that have served me well in my leadership role’  Kai Wooder - Wirral Brook

Our offer:

We are in the process of developing a unique service to our community of practice. We are currently offering:

  • Themed short courses, seminars and CPD opportunities on a range of leadership and managerial issues - currently Coaching and Mentoring and Working with Change .

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* Take a look at Seth Godin's book of the same name - Godin, S. (2010) Linchpin - Are You Indispensable? London: Piatkus